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What is the difference between torsion and extension spring?

Torsion springs are attached above the upper section of the garage door and mounted on the header, while extension springs are located on either side and extend along the horizontal track when closed. Garage door experts in East Patchogue prefer torsion springs for better balance and smoother operation.

What material is best for garage door considering external factors from the environment?

Steel is the most reliable material doe to strength, but it also depends on how your garage is built. If it is not exposed to the outdoors for long, you can use your desired material such as wood, for flexibility in design.

Can my garage door be opened if a spring is broken?

No. The springs in your garage door hold the entire weight of the door when opening and closing so if a spring is broken, you can cause extensive damage and be seriously injured attempting to open your door. The springs must be replaced by a professional technician as soon as possible. Give our experts a call for prompt and dependable replacement of your door's springs.

How do screw drive openers work?

They have the same principle of operation as their chain and belt drive counterparts. The trolley moves along the rail to open and close the garage door with the use of a moving arm. However, their design is completely different. There is a steel rod sitting inside the rail. It spins in one direction to open the door and in the other one to close it. With this type of drive, there are fewer hardware parts inside the motor unit.

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